Print making and book binding: for all

Posted on: 11 September 2018

By the end of the course you will have produced a hand bound book and a number of prints using a single or combination of techniques.

This is an open and flexible programme designed to meet the learning needs of those new to Bookbinding / Printmaking; as well as those of more experience who require studio access.

Those new or less experienced in these processes can join the more structured, taught parts of the programme. While those who have more experience and want to work on their own projects can do so; and will receive technical support from the tutor.

As part of the structured programme, a tutor-guided bookbinding project will be delivered in the first two weeks.

The remaining weeks will focus on Printmaking. Resources will be available to explore the ‘relief printed’ processes of Linocut and woodcut on paper or fabric; also ‘Intaglio printed’ Collagraph and dry-point techniques.

Resources and guidance can be provided if individuals want to work on their own projects or other processes. Please make contact with the Tutor to discuss your requirements.