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How well do you know your skin?

Howard AlmondHoward Almond, vice chairman of Volunteering in Health

Posted on: 12 June 2012

Pharmacy staff across Devon are on hand this summer to offer people expert advice about how to check their skin for the early signs of skin cancer. Counter staff and pharmacists have been trained as part of the ‘Know Your Skin’ campaign, a joint initiative by the NHS in Devon and the Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

They will also be offering customers a ‘Know Your Skin’ quiz for them to test their knowledge and risk factors for skin cancer, and providing expert advice about how to
prevent sun damage.

Vice chairman of local charity ‘Volunteering in Health’, Howard Almond,  is the local face of the campaign. He recently suffered from malignant melanoma and was successfully treated.

“Checking your skin regularly for signs of changes is really important. The earlier that skin cancer is caught the earlier it can be treated. If you can’t check your skin easily, get a family member or friend to help you – my daughter was the one who spotted the melanoma on my back.”

For more advice and information about how to check your skin and spot the early signs of skin cancer, and to take the ‘Know Your Skin’ quiz, go to your local pharmacy.

Any change in a mole, freckle or normal patch of skin that occurs quickly, over weeks or months, should be taken seriously. If you notice a change, visit your GP without delay.

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