Kenneth Bovey received the BEM award for charitable services through The Salvation Army

Posted on: 10 October 2012

Kenneth Bovey has devoted the past 68 years of his life to voluntary service for The Salvation Army in Exeter.

Kenneth started as a local officer for the Exeter Corps and in 1958 was appointed Young People’s Band Leader and in 1962 was commissioned to be responsible for the Sunday School.  Two years later he was appointed Corps Secretary for the Adult section of the Corps.

His work as the band leader has been inspiring and has enabled him to introduce hundreds of boys and girls to a wider understanding of their potential and place in the world. Kenneth has a natural warmth and understanding that enables young people to like and trust him.  He also has the ability to enable young people to experience moments of high significance in their lives and to store these up as powerful memories of youthful achievements for the future.

Since 1976 Kenneth has been Corps Treasurer and has shown impressive initiative and commitment, by being actively involved in, and in most cases, the driving force behind the community fundraising activities undertaken in Exeter.  His years of voluntary service, as Treasurer in the Exeter Temple Corps, has been one of exemplary and selfless commitment to the Mission of The Salvation Army in Exeter – far beyond that normally expected of a person holding this position.  The impact of Kenneth’s dedication has enabled the organisation to provide a far greater level of practical support to the needy in the area and the wider community than would have otherwise been the case.

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