Marian Daniel received the BEM award for services to the community in Whimple

Posted on: 10 October 2012

 Marian Daniel has for 40 years selflessly devoted herself to serving her local community.

Marian runs a farm providing a service delivering milk, groceries, papers and periodicals to villagers.  Irrespective of the weather she starts work at 4 a.m., for six days a week, loading her van with orders and distributing to addresses in rural East Devon.  She is a rare individual who combines running a local business with a really caring personality.

Many in her community are elderly, disabled or without road transportation.  There have been times when the village has been cut off due to adverse weather but Marian has still managed to complete her deliveries, even if it has meant having to use a sledge when it is impossible to use the van during deep snow. 

Marian provides a lifeline to many and always sets about her job with a cheerful disposition and  a smile on her face.  She goes far beyond the usual business boundaries by maintaining daily contact with the housebound, checking that older people and particularly those who live alone are not in difficulty or ill.

The service Marian provides is invaluable and she plays a very important social role in the village.

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