Outstanding behaviour at city school where pupils really enjoy learning

Posted on: 27 February 2013

Pupils at an Exeter junior school enjoy learning a great deal and achieve well, according to education inspectors.

They say teaching at Whipton Barton Junior School is almost always good with some outstanding lessons.

And the behaviour and safety of the 215 children is consistently outstanding.

“Pupils make good progress and achieve well,” they say.

Over the last two years, the school has improved significantly.

In 2011 it was judged satisfactory but now every aspect of life is at least good with behaviour and safety outstanding.

And that improvement has come at a time when school inspectors have been getting tougher with their judgements.

Two inspectors from the school standards agency, Ofsted, spent two days at Whipton Barton Junior last month and their report concludes:

“Pupils achieve well across the school.

“Attitudes to learning are exemplary and pupils are keen to do their very best work.

“Pupils’ good progress and improving attainment mean that their achievement is good.

“The excellent behaviour of pupils is a significant strength of the school and is an important factor in their improving attainment.

“Pupils are keen to be at school, want to do well and work hard for their teachers. They enjoy learning a great deal.

“Parents had very positive views about the school (and) commented on what a positive difference the school has made for their children.”

Lead inspector Andrew Saunders says children typically start school with skills and knowledge which are well below average.

But, by the end of Year 6, they are reaching nationally expected standards of attainment.

Headteacher Sandra Leggett has developed an effective team of senior leaders.

“There is a strong sense of working as a team to give the pupils the best opportunities possible,” he says,

Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs receive well-focused support and the staff demonstrate excellent care for all the children.

“They become confident young people because they are supported well and have good opportunities to reflect the world around them,” says Mr Saunders.

“Parents commented on how impressed they are with the head and other leaders and said that teachers were ‘overwhelmingly helpful’,” he adds.

To continue its good improvement, Whipton Barton Junior should increase the frequency of pupils’ recording of how well they are doing towards meeting their targets and replicate the effective target setting in writing and maths in reading.

The school should also increase the proportion of outstanding teaching.

Whipton Barton Junior headteacher Sandra Leggett said today: “I would like to take the opportunity to thank all pupils, parents, staff, governors and community members for their hard work, commitment and continued support of the school.

“I am particularly proud of the children of Whipton Barton Junior School who demonstrate exemplary attitudes to learning and are keen to do their very best work.”

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