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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Market Position Statement

Welcome to our new Market Position Statement (MPS) which has been designed to inform and support our Adult Social Care Providers to develop their businesses. We are delighted to share this MPS with you and hope that you find it informative. It is crucial for the future of health and social care that we work effectively together as a whole system and that we work in partnership with you to improve the services that we commission both now and into the future. The MPS is one tool to help us to achieve this.

It has been prepared as part our duty under the Care Act to support and ensure the sufficiency of supply in the social care market.. It provides a needs, supply and demand assessment, both now and looking to the future and offers an assessment of the changes needed in the market to adapt to changing requirements, and highlights business opportunities. This information should help providers with shaping existing services and informing future investment decisions. The MPS should only be seen as an indication of future direction and forms just one element of the research that any provider would undertake to decide upon any future ventures.

The MPS sets out the strategic and financial context for Health and Social Care and links providers to useful information contained in Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and other trends in commissioning activity.

The Market Position Statement describes specific Commissioning Statements in relation to the following: 

We have adopted a modular approach to the MPS (see section guides below) and hope that this will help you to find the information you are looking for quickly. Our intention is that this is a live suite of documents which we will update as things change.

We are also be working with the Provider Engagement Network to continue to evolve each of the statements and to ensure that they reflect the insights and intelligence of the provider market.

If you have any suggestions about how the MPS could be improved in the future please email us at


Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Services

Tim Golby, Joint Associate Director of Commissioning 

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