Provider Engagement Network
Provider Engagement Network

This website has been designed as a tool for providers to engage with one another and also as a clear line of communication to the Business Relations Team.

The site hosts Provider Engagement Network (PEN) information including up and coming events, the PEN Forum, and a newly created Business Relations Team page which will enable you to send your comments, feedback and questions directly to us. We are really keen to improve the communication given the feedback we have had from providers, as a result we strongly urge you to sign up to receive updates and regular information on the areas that interest you.

The Market Position Statement (MPS) has been transferred to a web based document which is also hosted on this site, enabling us to make it more refined through direct links to more detailed information. This is currently a work in progress with a completion date of April 2014 for the final updated version of both the Adult Social Care and Children, Young People and Families MPS.