Provider Engagement Network
Provider Engagement Network
Katharine Finnigan - Children’s Brokerage Manager

Children and Young People’s Brokerage team is part of Devon’s Placement Strategy.  The strategy aims to support children in care to achieve the best possible life outcomes and ensure that Devon commissions services that better meet the needs of vulnerable children and those at risk of coming into care.  CYPBT lead on securing all social care placements for children and young people, including 16+ and parent and child placements.

The Brokerage team will:

  • Source the best placement options for children and young people.
  • Work with operational staff and care providers to build relationships to secure the   best outcomes for children and young people in care
  • Through robust contract management ensure best value at the start of any placement and through regular review processes
  • Support the placement panel process
  • Support improved placement stability
  • Identify gaps and work with commissioners to stimulate the market to better meet the needs of children and young people
  • Coordinate payment arrangements