Provider Engagement Network
Provider Engagement Network
Sue Gubb - Business Relations Officer

Through my role as a Business Relations Officer my responsibilities are to;

  • Quality and Improvement Sub Group:  To support and facilitate a proactive forum of collaboration between providers and Health/Social Care organisations.  The group will be primarily concerned with ensuring engagement over commissioning strategies for quality improvement
  • To Co-ordinate and support the facilitation of the County Strategic PEN
  • To support the facilitation of the Locality Meetings
  • To drive and facilitate the Supported Living Task & Finish Group – There are currently 12 key objectives identified in the Terms of Reference. Overall we wish to agree key values and principles and a shared vision around accommodation & support so there is a culture change so the term Supported Living is not used. To  drive  a culture change so it becomes a reality that people live  in their own home with the support they need which will be   commissioned separately.
  • To support DCC and NHS Commissioners  to ensure collaborative working with Providers & Operations to  tackle the issues and concerns which impact on the Framework
  • To foster positive and collaborative relationships with all segments of our market to enable the co-production of market facilitation activities and procurement solutions into the delivery of affordable, high quality services as specified in the Strategic Commissioning Plan.