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Adults Market Position Statement

Adult Strategy Development Timetable

The following chart sets out the major strategy developments for the coming year. Updates of how the strategy is progressing will be published up until the date of completion.

The Market Position Statement is reliant upon the development of these strategies in order to inform the market of Devon County Councils Commissioning Intentions and what our expectations are of providers.

Strategy Development Timetable 2013 – 2014
Strategy Progress Expected Completion Date
Accommodation Strategy 

Lead – Paul Collinge


Phase 1 (Residential & nursing care) due to complete at the end of October 2013.Phase 2 (Extra Care, Sheltered Housing, Supported Living, Shared Lives) due to complete by December 2013*.

(*this date may be amended due to slippage)

December 2013
Carers Strategy 

Lead – Sue Younger-Ross



Due 18th Oct



March 2014
Mental Health Strategy 

Lead – Gavin Thistlewhaite



Due 18th Oct


March 2014
Dementia Strategy 

Lead – Jenny Richards


The Dementia Strategy is being refreshed and is out for comment through Healthwatch (October 13). It is a high level overarching strategy and as such covers NEW Devon CCG, S Devon & Torbay CCG, Plymouth City Council, DCC and Torbay Council.Local delivery plans and a reporting framework are currently being worked on. March 2014
Autism Strategy 

Lead – Liz Wood / Beryl Perrin

IHAL self assessment completed.  March 2014
Prevention Strategy 

Lead – Paul Collinge / Clare Miller



Due 18th Oct


March 2014
Advocacy Strategy 

Lead – Geoff King


Advocacy tender published on 24 Sept 2013 with bids returned by 7 Nov.Tender evaluation and contracts to be awarded by end Dec 2013 and services to commence 1st April 2014. March 2014

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