Testing a new font

Open Sans doesn’t render universally across the browsers… Chrome doesn’t like faux styles, so you have to declare different font faces for bold, regular, semibold etc… but Firefox doesn’t render the bold version very well (the a isn’t very clear for instance… which  this line should denote!)

To see if I can find a way around this I’m trialling a new font, developed by Intel, called Clear Sans. Let’s see what happens!

Open Sans Regular

Authoritatively parallel task flexible data with distributed e-business. Credibly e-enable distinctive synergy vis-a-vis flexible processes. Objectively actualize goal-oriented services and distributed ROI. Synergistically initiate wireless relationships for cross functional communities.… Read the rest

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Flickr Slideshow test

[SlideDeck2 id=3131]… Read the rest

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Open Data Network for the South West

Part of the councils Content Strategy and our work on Open Data is to support and promote greater transparency. The aims of which are to free our data and decouple the layers of our existing web architecture.

To lay the foundation for opening data and content efficiently, effectively and accessibly, we need to work to develop and publish an open data, content, and web API framework.

To support and encourage this work, we would like to start having more proactive conversations with other public sector organisations in the region as well as developers and organisations who would be interested in accessing and reusing our data.… Read the rest

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The last two weeks…

We have decided that along with writing posts about our journey and learning, we thought we would share the more general day to day stuff as well – you know the stuff that fills our time, it won’t always be glamorous, in fact you can pretty much be guaranteed of that. However we want to be more open about what we do and we want to learn how being more open about all aspects of our work can help us improve what we do.

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Behind the content strategy – Open by Default – Digital by Design

It is all well and good having really catchy principles or vision statements but the challenge is helping people understand what you mean - so what do we mean by Open by Default - Digital by Design.

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