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Maintaining roads

Maintaining roads

We maintain over 12,800 kilometres (approximately 7953.55 miles) of road in Devon. As an asset, our roads and bridges are worth £10.2 billion.


  • surface and repair roads, pavements and cycleways
  • maintain bridges
  • replace worn out road markings and catseyes
  • maintain streetlights
  • clean ditches and road drainage systems, road gullies and gratings
  • cut grass on verges and visibility areas
  • control weeds
  • grit roads and clear snow in winter
  • co-ordinate utility companies’ work on the public highway
  • manage Public Rights of Way.

Report a problem on a Devon road.

If your car has been damaged by a fault on a Devon road you may be able to make a highways insurance claim.

In certain cases, public works on the highway may affect the value of private property. If you believe you are entitled to compensation contact NPS South West by emailing or phoning 01392 351049.


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