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Maintaining roads

Funding and priorities

We have £43.052 million funding for highway maintenance in 2020/21. The attached article shows how this will be broken down for planned repairs to highways;  repairing safety defects, salting roads in winter, street lighting, repairing drains, cutting grass and other operations.

Our priority is to keep busier roads in a serviceable condition with the limited resources we have available. With the additional funding made available by the Department for Transport we are also able to place greater emphasis on our ‘C’ category and unclassified roads.

Funding for Devon County Council’s Highways and Traffic Management service is either a Capital or a Revenue allocation.

Capital expenditure reflects investment in an asset, such as resurfacing, construction schemes, replace existing features such as drainage and retaining walls.

Revenue expenditure covers day to day expenditure and income, including works which maintain, rather than increase, the value of a fixed asset. Some example of revenue items are works involving repair of safety defects (including potholes), minor drainage repairs, grass cutting and winter maintenance. It also includes the running costs of the service, such as staffing, premises costs and income received from licences etc.

See our Financial Framework for further information regarding how our funding is allocated.

Throughout the year there are opportunities to apply for extra government funding, such as the Pothole Action Fund, to deliver improvements.

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