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Maintaining roads


We carry out regular highway safety inspections: roads, footways and cycleways are inspected according to their strategic importance.

Our Highway Safety Inspection Manual sets out the policy on how defects that may create a danger or serious inconvenience to highway users are dealt with through a system of inspection.

Using a risk assessment matrix, defects that meet a certain investigation criteria are assessed to determine the degree of risk they may pose to a highway user and what is an appropriate and reasonable response.

The principle purpose of a Highway Safety Inspection is:

– To meet the statutory obligation of Devon County Council to maintain the highway in a safe condition
– To identify defects that are likely to create a danger or serious inconvenience to highway users or the wider community
– To determine the degree and timing of repairs
– To provide condition data of the network to the Asset Management Team assisting in the management of the highway network and future maintenance programmes
– To provide a defence against highway claims

Inspection Frequency

To find out when a street is due to be inspected click here.