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Maintaining roads

Working with communities

Here in Devon, we want to work alongside our communities to enable services to be provided in different ways.

In 2010, when the Government announced its comprehensive spending review, councils across the whole country were put under great financial pressure. As a result, we have had to make significant savings. This meant that we had to look at everything we do, and make some very difficult choices and decisions. We have to prioritise. Some services are statutory, and we have to deliver them, and must continue to do so. There are others that we do not have to provide, even though we might believe in them strongly.

To help maintain some of these important local services we have had to be radical in looking at different ways of delivering them. It is clear that a new partnership with local communities might offer one solution to keeping certain services running – services that we all value.

We have seen that various areas of the county have different needs, and local capacity to respond varies. But we recognise that, where we can, we should let go of some of our responsibilities and devolve them to those local communities who want to take ownership of certain services.

As a result, the following schemes are available;

Road Warden
Community Self Help
Parish Paths Partnership (P3)
Snow Warden

We also created our Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund. This provides an opportunity for local communities to apply for match-bid funding from Devon County Council for minor highway schemes/projects in their local areas. This money can be put towards tools, equipment, PPE, labour etc. See these case studies from communities that have taken advantage of this service.

We also work with the Community Payback service to enable offenders to give back to the community by spending community service hours maintaining public areas, such as clearing overgrown vegetation from paths, cleaning graffiti and painting fences and railings.

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