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Banners and decorations

Banners over allowed over the public highway for advertising charitable, community or special events which involve the majority of businesses in the town, for example special Christmas events or carnivals.

We will need to give permission for any banner over the public highway. If you want to put up a banner next to the highway, you may need planning permission from your district council.

  • An application must be made with at least ten working days’ notice.
  • Applications cost £45. If a site inspection is needed this will cost an additional £70.
  • Anybody working on the public highway to put up banners will need Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £5 million.
  • There must be a clearance between the carriageway and the underside of the banner of at least six metres.
  • You must provide specific dates for erecting and removing the banner. Banners can’t be erected more than 10 days before the event and should be removed immediately after the event. For longer periods ask us for a Seasonal Decoration Licence.


To apply for a banner licence email and we will get back to you.