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Store materials on the road

Building materials can only be deposited on the highway in certain circumstances when a Section 171 licence has been granted.

The licence permits you to deposit materials on the highway and allows minor excavations, for example repairing a wall. Where the excavations are more extensive, you would need to apply for a Section 50 licence. [Link]

  • We need a minimum of 10 working days notice to process the application.
  • A licence costs £45. If you make the request with fewer than ten days notice we may still grant the licence but the cost will be £100.
  • Contractors need public liability cover with a minimum of £5 million.

Staff employed to work on site should include a Chapter 8 accredited operative, who will be available at all times, as well as a Chapter 8 supervisor qualified to monitor activities.

You must also ensure that:

  • the drainage of surface water will not be obstructed
  • no material will cause an obstruction or hazard
  • no inflammable, dangerous or noxious material will be allowed
  • all material deposited must be cleared away as soon as possible and the site left clean and tidy.


You will also need to apply for a Section 171 licence if you need to erect temporary traffic lights on the highway.

Read our conditions before applying.

If you wish to apply for a licence email and we will get back to you.