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11-14 yrs Key Stage 3


Bikeability is the National Standard for Cycle training which forms part of the Highway Code, the training is free, Key Stage 3 pupils can undertake Level Three training. usually in year 7 but at anytime during their secondary education.

Level Three will equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to cycle safely to college, University or the workplace.

Free School Holiday Bikeability training courses.


Sustrans cycling and walking information.

Living Streets walking and pedestrian information.

Travel Devon for local information.


Inspect the ends of bike and scooter handlebars, the ends of the grips to check they do not have exposed metal ‘cookie cutter’ ends which can cause abdominal injury. Replace if necessary, ideally with ‘end caps’.

Remember helmets for scooters as well as bikes.

Skateboard England is the official governing body for skateboarding in England and Wales. Their myskate app lists all the skateparks in the UK. Skateboard England also has information about skateboard training.