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Riding a motorbike safely requires both skill and good judgement. New and experienced riders can improve their skills to become a safer rider.


Training and information

Motorbike skills and tips                                           Better drivers and riders

Devon and Cornwall Police ‘Operation Snap’ is the place to upload footage of dangerous driving such as vehicles ‘Close Pass’ overtaking you, anything closer than 1.5 metres.


Choosing a helmet that fits correctly is vital. If it moves around on your head, it won’t offer the best protection in a crash. Helmets sold in the UK must satisfy either British Standard 6658: 1985 or ECE Regulation 22.05 standards. Look for a label inside the helmet or on the shell to confirm this.

For more information about getting the right fit, the SHARP rating system and examples of affordable and highly-rated helmets, visit

Never buy a second-hand helmet or use a helmet used by anyone else. The external appearance can disguise damage to the protective material inside the helmet.

Collision and Causality Data

Information dashboard, search with interactive map, filter by mode and age, motorbikes are titled Powered Two Wheelers, P2W in the data, search here