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Road safety

It is our vision that every route and every mode should be available to everybody, free from the risk or fear of harm.

Collisions involving the most serious injuries are rising – and have now done so for three consecutive years, suggesting a reversal in trend that has the potential to impact on us all. Confidence in our experience of the road network is vital in ensuring that people feel able to go anywhere, at any time, by any mode of travel – but most especially by those active modes that also offer improved health, wellbeing and community connectedness.

We provide a wide range of road safety services to help businesses, schools, third sector organisations, parents and any other individual in need of advice, information or practical training.

The challenge

To reduce the number of collisions and casualties on our expanding road network whilst encouraging people to take sustainable travel choices and responsibility for their own actions. We will try and meet this challenge during a period of less government funding, rising demand and rapidly changing expectations.

What you can do?

Our call to action is for all road users to make those small but significant adjustments to their driving and riding that will reduce risk to themselves and others, and improve the travel experience of all Devon’s road users.

The Council’s vision of “Better Together” proposes a new partnership which enables people to build on their own strengths and improve things for themselves. This will mean working in a different way in the future.

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