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Collision data

The ChallengeRoad Closed

It is our vision that every route and every mode of road travel should be available to everybody, free from the risk or fear of harm. We aim to utilise data to reduce casualties and increase road safety through educational programs and providing intelligence to help shape the safety policies of partner agencies.


What We Do

  • Collect data in from Devon & Cornwall Police and undertake data cleansing using Department for Transport guidelines. More on collection/release of data.
  • Produce online resources on collision and casualty trends for specific road user groups and geographical areas.
  • Provide intelligence on specific routes and locations with higher concentrations of collisions. This is essential in shaping priorities inside and outside of the Road Safety team – including Transport Planning (for the Local Transport Plan, and improvement studies e.g. A30 Blackdown Hills), Highways Maintenance, Highways Development Management and Public Health.
  • Use collision data to build evidence-led tailor education programs to groups of various road users e.g. driving courses for younger and older drivers, motorcyclists and ‘at-work’ drivers. The programs are often produced in conjunction with partner agencies such as the Fire Service (see The Honest Truth) and the Police (for example safety camera sites).

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