Adult Provider Services

Core Training

The definition of Core Training is that is it identified by Devon County Council (DCC) as essential. It may not be required by law, but is deemed by the organisation to be necessary under the Duty of Care. Enshrined in policies.

Each DCC Adult Social Care Provider Service has a training database.

The Core Training page shows the training needed for  each job description. Managers must check that all staff have the right training for the role they are undertaking at the time. For example, a Care Worker might also act as a Team Leader on occasion. So should undertake Team Leader Core Training as well as the training that is Core for a Care Worker.

Core training has been chosen by your Service Managers. The completion of it forms a crucial component in monitoring achievement of Care Quality Commission (CQC) essential standards of quality and safety.

If you cannot find the training  you have identified as a need, look on the Service Specific lists. If it appears there, you must discuss with your manager before undertaking the training.