Adult Provider Services

Service Specific

Service Specific training means any learning opportunities that are essential to meet the needs of specific services and the people being supported in them. It develops and complements the Core training.

For example:

If you are supporting a service user who has a long term condition such as diabetes or epilepsy, you can refer to their care plan to identify whether any staff would benefit from specific training to improve your support.

For services with responsibility for premises, you can undertake risk assessments to identify whether any member of staff needs specific training in aspects of premises maintenance such as legionella; tree management.

Managers can identify learning opportunities to support their specific managerial responsibilities such as recruitment and performance management.

Before booking staff onto training that falls under the ‘Service Specific’ category, you must have identified this need through Supervision  or Appraisal .

All training should be booked with the agreement of your Line Manager.