Adult Provider Services

Transfer of Learning

The ultimate test of effective [training] is whether it benefits service users
(Horwath and Morrison 1999 p292)

Undertaking training that has no positive impact on your work is a waste of time and money. There are some simple things that you can do, with the support of your line manager to ensure that your training time is time well spent:

  • Be clear about what training you are undertaking and how it will improve your work.
    How can I do this?  Use Transfer of Learning Form
  • Make sure you have time to put your new knowledge and skills into practice in the workplace and get feedback from your line manager, colleagues, service users, families and other professional on how you working.
    How can I do this?
      Use Observations
  • Think about your working practices – what’s going well for you and what do you need to improve?
    How can I do this?  Use Reflective Practice and Supervision.

Further information on Transfer of Learning from Research In Practice:

Transfer of Learning webinar

To access this webinar you need to log in to you Research in Practice account (if you don’t have one as a DCC member of staff it is easy to create one). You will need to be on a thick client PC and have headphones. You can access it from your own PC. The webinar covers the main areas in the document and lasts for 22 minutes.