Post Qualifying Awards

BA / GD Children and Family Studies

This award is available as BA (Hons) degree or Graduate Diploma


The Children and Family Studies course is Stage 2 of the revised Post Qualifying Social Work framework and is the specialist award for Child Care Social Workers. Thus, you are required to have completed the GCPP module (old CPSP/PQ1).

This course will enable you to:

  • build on your social work knowledge and experience, developing your competence as a child care practitioner
  • gain further knowledge and skills needed to undertake the role of a child care practitioner
  • develop your skills of reflective understanding and critical analysis
  • use your knowledge, skills and experience to assist the development of others

Before joining the programme you will need to discuss it with your Line Manager who will be required to agree for you to undertake it and sign the Nomination Form.

Structure & time commitments

  • Unit One – Understanding Child Development – Placing the Child at the Centre of Social Work Practice – 5 taught days
  • Unit Two – Developing Knowledge and Analysis in Assessments – a Systems Approach – 5 taught days
  • Unit Three – Law, Policy and Professional Practice – 5 taught days
  • Unit Four – Practice Unit – No taught days

Intake Process

There is an expectation for potential candidates to have completed GCPP Specialism in Childcare.

We anticipate to have an intake for January 2015 start. The number of places available will determined by Operations Managers in relation to the current financial climate.

Children and Family Studies Handbook


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