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BA / GD Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care


The programme is mapped against the College of Social Work’s Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and reflects the NHS Leadership Qualities Framework.
The purpose of this programme is to support the development of management and leadership skills in the health and social care sector.

Structure & time commitments

The course consists of four units:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to L&M: Improving Personal and Organisational Performance (4 taught days)
  • Unit 2 – EP&ML Performance Coaching (4 taught days)
  • Unit 3 – Managing Plans and Budgets (4 taught days)
  • Unit 4 – Supervision and Leadership (4 taught days)

Training days will be deilvered locally in Devon.

Application Process

Eenrolment is usually January or August each year.

Currently, there is no intake for this programme.


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