Waste and Recycling

Listed below are the main sections and some additional relevant websites which we hope will help you get to the right place quicker. You can also visit the topic homepage at Waste and Recycling which has additional news and features.

  • Commercial and business waste and recycling

    We do not currently provide waste disposal facilities for businesses, other than garden waste and cardboard, however your district council may be able to provide a waste collection

  • Energy from waste

    The Exeter Energy from Waste Plant will have an annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes, and is therefore comparatively small when compared to many other facilities in the UK

  • Recycling centres

    Our recycling centres are provided for householders to dispose of their bulky household waste

  • Waste collection

    Devon has eight City/District/Borough Councils, which are the Waste Collection Authorities (WCA), collecting household waste for recycling or disposal