Exe Estuary Winter Forum 2020 – Draft Agenda

Tuesday 4th February 2020: 6.30pm to 9.00pm

Council Chamber, County Hall, Exeter

6.30pm: Registration and refreshments (please ensure arrival by 6.50pm at the latest)

Forum Chair: Jeremy Rawlings
Forum Vice Chair: Ted Draper


7.00pm: Welcome to the Forum from Jeremy Rawlings, Forum Chair
7.05pm:  A roundup of the year from the Exe Estuary Management Partnership – Stephanie Harper-Chung, Exe Estuary Officer
7.15pm: Questions
7.20pm: Devon Climate Emergency – Doug Eltham, Devon County Council
7.30pm: Questions

Interactive Discussion Session: Flood Defence Schemes

7.40pm: Introduction to discussion from Ted Draper, Forum Vice Chair
7.45pm: Response to issues related to Dawlish Warren Beach Management Scheme – Martin Davies, Environment Agency
7.55pm: Progress of Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme – Jim Faux, Environment Agency
8.05pm: Questions to both Environment Agency speakers for the flood defence schemes

Soapbox Sessions: Local Community Initiatives

8.25pm: Introduction to Soapbox Sessions – Jeremy Rawlings, Forum Chair
8.30pm: Session 1: Invasive Non-Native Species: Pacific oyster project – Jay Boyle, Exe Estuary Management Partnership
8.35pm: Session 2: Shellfish farming (TBC)
8.40pm: Session 3: (Session available)
8.45pm: Questions to Soapbox presenters


8.55pm: Roundup of the day, thank you and goodbye – Jeremy Rawlings, Forum Chair
9.00pm: Close of event

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