The Exe Estuary Management Partnership holds two forums a year. These events are free and open to all who have an interest in the Exe Estuary. The Forums aim to enable lively discussion and provide information on topical Exe Estuary issues. Organisations and authorities that are involved with the management of the estuary are invited to these events to share information and answer any questions that local communities may have.

The Winter Forum is held every year during February and is a formal opportunity for local residents and stakeholders to hear the latest about the management of the Exe and to ask questions directly to those involved with managing aspects of the estuary.

The Summer Stakeholder Forum was introduced to offer increased opportunity for local stakeholders to engage with the work of the Partnership. The Forum provided information on the management of Exe Estuary and enabled discussions around relevant issues or topics. It is held in September.

Upcoming Forum

Exe Estuary Winter Forum

Date: Tuesday 4th February 2020
Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Council Chamber, County Hall, Exeter

Please note that this is an open, public Forum. A stakeholder is anyone that has an interest in the Exe Estuary, so anyone is welcome to attend these events, whether you are a local resident, have a recreational interest, are involved with a local business or have any other general, local interest.

A free event for local communities to hear the latest about the management of the Exe. There will be presentations from various groups and organisations, including:

  • Representatives from the Environment Agency will be giving updates on the Exe Flood Defence Schemes, and responding to issues relating to the Dawlish Warren Beach Management Scheme.
  • The Devon Climate Emergency and what this means for the Exe Estuary.
  • A focus on Pacific oysters on the Exe: an Invasive Non-Native Species.
  • An update on the work of the Exe Estuary Management Partnership and current priorities of the Harbour Authority.
  • The Harbour Master, Grahame Forshaw, will be attending the meeting to answer any questions from the audience.

There are opportunities for local people to take to the floor as well. Five-minute soapbox sessions are available for those who wish to share information about any relevant projects or activities taking place on the Exe. This could be anything that might be of interest to attendees, whether that is a local success story, news relating to a recreational club, or new ideas and initiatives. All ideas are welcome, so please get in touch with the Exe Estuary Officer if you would like to request one of these sessions, or to suggest a topic that you would like to see included.

As usual, there will be opportunity for attendees to have their say at the Forum, with ample time for questions to the speakers and the opportunity to request topics for future events. Please note that at request of the Forum, this event has been shortened to two hours, so feedback on this change would be welcome.

Draft agenda

Past Forum events have proved to be popular, so please book early as there are limited places. Booking can be done online at:
Bookings will close when the event is fully booked and a waitlist will be activated on this site.

If you have booked a ticket but can no longer go, please make sure that you cancel your ticket so someone else can take your place.

Any questions can be directed to Stephanie Harper-Chung, Exe Estuary Officer:
Phone: 01392 382236

Past Forums

Exe Estuary Summer Stakeholder Forum: September 2019

This year’s Exe Stakeholder Forum took place on the evening of 3rd September at the stunning location of Powderham Castle, the 600-year-old Grade I listed building set within a beautiful deer park.

The Stakeholder Forum was introduced last year as an opportunity for local communities and representatives to have input into how the Exe Estuary is managed. The first Stakeholder Forum was well attended with positive feedback received, stating that the event was worth attending and provided ample opportunity for stakeholder involvement. The development of the 2019 event has taken into account the feedback received, aiming to achieve a good balance of presentations and discussion.

The Stakeholder Forum was chaired by the Forum Chair, Jeremy Rawlings and supported by the Forum Vice Chair, Ted Draper.

A number of representatives attended to take part in discussions on a variety of very topical subjects. Presentations given at the event can be accessed below:

Positive results were received from attendees, with 100% of feedback indicating that they would like to attend future Forums. A large majority of attendees stated that the Forum was worth attending, that the presentations were interesting and venue suitable, the topics were relevant, that the Forum was a key opportunity to learn more about the Exe and that the work of the partnership is valued.

Full Forum feedback, including sectoral representation of attendees and key discussion points can be viewed here.

Members of the Forum are kept up to date with these events. If you would like to join the partnership database for free and receive invites to future Forum events, please email us.

For further information, contact Stephanie Harper-Chung, Exe Estuary Officer:

Phone: 01392 382236