This toolkit is for anyone who, through their paid or voluntary work, may encounter people who are vulnerable to exploitation. It will help you to understand, identify and report signs of exploitation.

If you think you are being exploited you can access support here

  • About this toolkit

    This toolkit has been developed by the Safer Devon Partnership in collaboration with the Devon Children and Families Partnership and the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board.

    Safer Devon works with partners including Devon County Council, district councils, the Devon Children and Families Partnership, the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board, and Devon and Cornwall Police to address community safety issues within the county. This guide forms part of Safer Devon’s approach to tackling these issues through increasing awareness of current threats to community safety.

    Other local authorities and organisations are welcome to make use of this toolkit. If you do so, we ask that you inform us of your intention to use the toolkit and acknowledge Safer Devon as the owners and developers of this site.