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Level 5

Level five jobs require considerable experience in care and health, as well as management experience. Jobs at this level include:

  • Manager in health and social care settings such as care homes (residential and nursing)
    Responsible for running a service (or services) and supervising senior staff. Includes making decisions about the direction and quality of a service that will impact on improving people’s lives. More about this job.
  • Senior Practitioner and Assistant Practitioner (within the NHS) (also known as Associate Practitioner)
    Although not a registered practitioner, the job has a level of skill in a particular area of clinical practice gained through experience and training. More about this job.
  • Public Health Practitioner
    A job in many places and in many areas of public health. For example, supporting healthy lifestyle programmes, helping individuals and groups to stop smoking and take more exercise. More about this job.

There are many other jobs available at this level. For more jobs, visit Skills for Care and Health Careers.

There are also different qualifications available at this level. They include:

  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Service. More information.
  • Level 5 Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care Studies or Healthcare Practice. The modules you study depends on your job role, some are assessed in the workplace. More information.

You may be eligible to apply for a student loan.

Apply for a job in care and health now.


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