The following is an outline of the reusable themes we have currently developed and links to some of the sites where they have been used.

(NB: Carl has named the themes using some kind of naming formula that makes sense to him)


  • Annual Review
  • Apprenticeships
  • Getting Involved
  • Strategic Plan
  • Impact Assessments

Devon Horizon

  • School Communications
  • School Information
  • DPLS Communications
  • Libraries Blog
  • Re:Work Digital Blog
  • Education Finance Blog
  • Funding News

Devon Vertical

  • Rushbrook Community Hub
  • Streetlighting
  • Historic Environment
  • Devon Card
  • Peer Challenge
  • Future Landscape

On yer bike

  • Cycle Devon

Subtle Devon

Future Horizon

  • Tough Choices

Future Vertical

  • Youth Services Review
  • Day Services Review

Journey 2

  • Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)


  • Open Space South West
  • Create/Innovate