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Our Atkinson school


Our Vision

It is our vision that everyone has the right to develop themselves through learning. We believe that through learning students develop self-confidence, self esteem and self worth to move forward with their lives. Most importantly we look to develop, in all our young people, a love of learning and the ability to recognise their own talents and potential.


Our curriculum is structured around the needs of the young people. We provide a personalised approach to the learning of each individual, recognising their previous educational experiences and preparing them for the future.

The school day is structured in a similar way to mainstream schools and our curriculum reflects foundation learning. It includes core subjects, vocational subjects and personal, social development and has the flexibility to challenge all levels of student from entry levels to Level 2. Themed weeks, such as creative week, enterprise week and science week, combined with topic days, are an integral part of the broader learning of our young people. We work closely with our learning partners to provide a greater variety of activities and expertise. Meaningful accreditation is available in all areas to provide a portfolio of attainment for the young people when they progress to their next placement.

It is important to us that all our young people achieve success whilst with us in school. Many arrive with a reluctance to engage as their experience has been based on what they see as failure. As a consequence we celebrate all their achievements, whether it is attending school for a day or gaining a GCSE qualification. Our weekly assemblies provide a forum where we can recognise and celebrate all the young people’s success.

Pastoral Care

Our young people are supported in their learning by their individual tutor. A meeting is held with the young person, tutor and their key worker to set targets and review progress. This is vital both in providing continuity of care  and extending learning beyond the school day.

Please see our latest Ofsted report by clicking here.