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Local Outbreak Management Plan

Doing it for Devon

A simple explanation of what the plan is goes here.

The areas of focus

This Local Outbreak Management Plan aims to focus on the following key areas to help support …..

Working together

The principles we will work to

Working together will be vital to the Plan’s success and in this section, you can find out how we will do it and who will be involved.

How we will work together

Using data

Using data to make good decisions

Making the best use of high-quality data will be critical to making the right decisions at the right time.

How we will use data

Helping people and communities

Protecting people, communities and settings

Read about how we will support vulnerable people and communities and how we plan to respond to outbreaks in high-risk settings.

How we will help

Testing and tracing

The NHS test and trace service

The test and trace service involves 4 main elements and has 3 primary goals – find out more about the service in this section.

How the test and trace service will work

Communication and engagement

Providing up-to-date guidance and advice

It will be vital that we are able to provide reliable, up-to-date information and advice to the general public and stakeholders.

How we will communicate


The people who will make this work

The effectiveness of this Plan requires financial resource as well as the skills and capability of a wide range of organisations and professions.

How the Plan will be resourced