District progress on green infrastructure planning

District councils in Devon are required to plan for green infrastructure, in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 114. The paragraphs below set out the latest progress in each district and where to find more information.

Exeter, East Devon and Teignbridge in partnership with Natural England have commissioned a green infrastructure study for the Exeter Area and East Devon New Growth Point to set out the framework for the delivery of green infrastructure in the Exeter, East Devon and Teignbridge Growth Point Areas.  A study was produced in May 2009 and a strategy based upon that evidence was completed in December 2009. Further information is available.

Green infrastructure evidence gathering is being progressed for the rest of East Devon through work on the preparation of their Local Plan, which is currently being examined by the Planning Inspectorate.

Mid Devon has published a draft green infrastructure assessment.

North Devon and Torridge have prepared a green infrastructure strategy in support of their Local Plan.

South Hams is in the process of preparing a green infrastructure strategy.

Teignbridge District Council is in the process of updating their green infrastructure strategy. More information and the opportunity to comment on their proposals can be found on their website.

Torbay A Torbay green infrastructure delivery plan was produced in April 2011. It includes various strategic aims and projects for green infrastructure delivery in the Torbay area. The strategy provides supporting evidence for the Torbay Core Strategy.

West Devon is currently gathering evidence in preparation for their green infrastructure strategy.

Cornwall Council, a neighbouring authority to Devon, has adopted a green infrastructure strategy covering the entire county.

Plymouth City Council in partnership with Natural England, the Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust has produced a Plymouth green infrastructure delivery plan to enable the city to grow sustainably by identifying the mechanisms for delivering a green infrastructure network. This document was adopted in August 2010 and provides detailed projects in Plymouth and South Hams with delivery mechanisms such as revenue generation and management responsibilities.

last updated 22/12/2014

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