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Several green infrastructure features within Devon have been digitally mapped by various organisations. In most cases this mapping has been undertaken by those organisations who are responsible for the management of these features such as Natural England, and Devon County Council, to give two examples.

Whilst much of this mapping information is freely available to members of the public to download, it is often difficult to find. Therefore, to make this mapping information for Devon more accessible, a selection of datasets relating to green infrastructure have been downloaded and added to an online map. This allows you to see where various designations and public rights of way are located within Devon.

Access the map

The map is available at the following link: Online Interactive Map

Information Sources

Further information and explanations about the mapping, such as which organisation has supplied the information, what the different mapping layers and environmental designations mean and various disclaimers can be found in the Devon Green Infrastructure Mapping Information.

Whilst we endeavour to update the datasets used in the map as frequently as possible, some layers may go out of date. To help indicate where this may be the case, the date that the layers were produced or downloaded by us have been included next to the dataset name in the right hand column on the mapping page. People seeking their own copy of the datasets are advised to contact the organisation that supplied the information, this is set out in the mapping information.

Use of the Mapping software

Whilst it is beneficial to have knowledge of how to use computer based mapping software, the map is relatively easy to use and help tips are available by clicking the question mark symbol at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side of the mapping screen.

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