State of the environment

How is Devon’s environment doing?

  • what sort of condition is our environment in right now?
  • how is land use and landscape changing?
  • what’s happening to wildlife habitats?
  • how about our air, water and soils?
  • what difference will a growing population and climate change make?

These are amongst the biggest questions addressed in the State of the Environment report for Devon and Torbay. The report describes the current condition of our envrionment, future trends and identifies pressures to be considered when making decisions. It’s critical in shaping the work of Natural Devon.

The report contains 13 sections, each focusing on a theme that influences the overall condition of our environment. From each section you can learn about the relationships between environmental quality, economic prosperity and health and well being in Devon.

View each section of the report below:

  • Find out more about Devon and Torbays population growth and how this impacts on the environment.

  • Find out more about large areas of open space and woodland and the affects

  • Find out more about the historic environment

  • Find out more about how population and visitor numbers puts pressure on our landscapes

  • Find out more about the way our land is used

  • Find out more about our wildlife,important designated sites and priority species

  • Find out more about transport and the emissions Devon and Torbay's transport currently produces and its affects

  • Find out more about our water flows and ecosystems

  • Find out more about the devastation of flooding and protection measures

  • Find out more about ......

  • Find out more about the threats of climate change and the affects

  • Find out more about.....

  • Find out more about poor air quality and its affects on us