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Getting others involved

Many grassroots community projects begin when one or two people take the initiative to involve other people over a concern, an aspiration or a new idea. The way projects take shape depends on how well they manage to enthuse and involve others.


Good for nothing (GEN) see video

GFN is a simple idea: bring creative energy, ideas and skills to those already innovating on social issues but doing so with very limited resources. The transaction is a gift.

It’s civic participation which is open, creative, generous, fun, social, local, and generative.

Good for Nothing asks “what can I do for you?” How can I help you?

Good for Nothing happens on and offline through gigs and challenges, short fast gatherings, think hack do creative collaboration event things, where diverse groups of people support social innovators and changemakers in the places and communities we live.

All ideas and learnings are shared openly through creative commons. Join


The following information is based on approaches that have been used in Devon and elsewhere, by community engagement organisations as well as voluntary groups and town and parish councils.


Taking an asset-based approach
Running an Ideas Farm
Running a Dragon’s Den event


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