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Why we are changing

We need to think differently about what we do and how we do it. If we don’t change our thinking we will keep doing the same things and getting the same results.

Councillor John HartLeader, Devon County Council

Watch the video of Councillor John Hart, Leader, Devon County Council

“We have, for a long time, considered that we know best, rather than listening to people and asking what they want and what they know best.

“This new way of working will give us the opportunity to do more for more people. We will be able to help more people because we’ll be helping them in a way that they want and in a way that we ultimately can afford.”

Phil Norrey Chief Executive, Devon County Council

“We are changing the way we work so we can ensure that everything we do, or are planning for, helps to make people’s lives better.

“We need to really ask ourselves ‘what is the purpose of what I am doing today?’, to focus relentlessly on ensuring that what we do is making someone’s life better and challenge our assumptions, so we don’t make the same mistakes again.”

Watch Devon County Council's Chief Executive Phil Norrey talk about what's happening and why

Watch Devon County Council's Chief Executive Phil Norrey talk about what's happening and why

"It is incredibly important that we are all open to learning; to being curious, turning over the stones and trying new things rather than being satisfied with the traditional ways of doing things."

Councillor Barry ParsonsCabinet Member for Organisational Development and Digital Transformation

Watch the video of Councillor Barry Parsons Cabinet Member for Organisational Development and Digital Transformation

“There is a real opportunity for us to move things forward and determine how we want to work, in a way that will depend totally on what our communities are really asking us to do.

“In the past we have allowed bureaucracy to take the lead – now we are looking at humanity taking the lead, and we are fully signed up to that kind of role.”

Sarah Montague Assessment and Support Planning Team Manager, Care Direct Plus (Northern)

“The new way of working benefits the community because it is definitely more person centred. It enables us to listen to them and not think about the systems we have in place. We will have a conversation to really understand what their needs are.”

Sarah - working differently in Care Direct Plus Northern


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