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Primary Authority partnership

We can provide your business with tailored, ‘assured’ regulatory advice through a legally recognised partnership called Primary Authority. Assured advice means the advice we provide must be respected by all local authority regulators.

Business benefits

Our Primary Authority partnerships can have many benefits for your business to help it grow and develop.

  • You will receive assured advice tailored to your business needs, which will make it easier for your business to comply with the law and reduce compliance costs.
  • Primary Authority can help you grow your business knowing the resources you have invested in compliance are recognised across the country.
  • We provide a proactive, tailor-made service built around your business needs.
  • You will have a dedicated Trading Standards officer to contact for advice, support and guidance for regulatory issues across the country, which will save you time and offer reassurance.
  • Your Trading Standards officer will also handle all incoming regulatory issues and support you to address them.
  • The advice and support provided under Primary Authority is VAT exempt.
  • You can enjoy discounts on some of our other services.

Why choose us

We cover one of the largest areas of any trading standards authority in the UK, so deal with all manner of companies, from micro-businesses to large corporations. Our Trading Standards officers have expertise in how a wide range of businesses operate and how to make it easier for them to comply with trading law.

We are particularly suitable for those looking to meet the challenge of rural business and offer partnerships for all relevant functions of a trading standards service.

Your business does not need to have its headquarters in Devon, Somerset or Torbay to form a partnership with us. There are no rules saying exactly which local authority you would have to enter a partnership with, but before a Primary Authority is formally sanctioned by the Office for Product Safety and Standards, they will look at whether it makes sense for a particular business and local authority to link up.

Subscription packages

Our business advice is charged at £80 per hour and we offer subscription packages payable on a monthly basis. Our packages are tailor-made to suit your business – you are in control of how many hours of advice and/or additional services are included in your package.

Packages ensure that our costs are transparent and enable you to build the costs of legal compliance into your monthly budgeting. If you sign up to our Primary Authority service we can offer the following ‘bolt-on’ additional services at a discounted rate:

We are happy to discuss options with you and build a package to suit your business and your budget.

Contact us

For more information about applying for Primary Authority please contact us.

There is further detailed guidance available at GOV.UK – Primary Authority: a guide for businesses.