Apply to join the trade (garden/cardboard) recycling scheme

Small businesses may register to bring recyclable green waste and cardboard to some of our recycling centres.

The following sites are currently participating in the scheme:

  • Barnstaple, Seven Brethren
  • Bideford
  • Crediton, Punchbowl
  • Exeter, Exton Road
  • Exeter, Pinbrook Road
  • Exmouth, Knowle Hill
  • Holsworthy, Anvil Corner
  • Honiton, Sutton Barton
  • Kingsbridge, Torr Quarry
  • Newton Abbot, Brunel Road
  • Tavistock, Crowndale
  • Torrington, Deep Moor


Amount Charge: Garden waste Charge: Cardboard
Bagged waste only: Up to 5 bin bags/1 dumpy bag Blue ticket:£6.25 + VAT total £7.50 (min purchases 5 tickets £31.25 + VAT total £37.50, waste must be bagged) Not accepted in bags, see minimum charge below
Loose vehicle loads: Up to 500kg  Green ticket (1): £39.40 + VAT total £47.28 £6.25 + VAT total £7.50
Loose vehicle loads: 500kg – 1t  Green ticket (2): £78.80 + VAT total £94.56 £12.50 + VAT total £15.00
Loose vehicle loads: 1t – 1.5t  Green ticket (3): £118.20 + VAT total £141.84 £18.75 + VAT total £22.50
Loose vehicle loads: 1.5t-2t Green ticket (4): £157.60 + VAT total £189.12 £25.00 + VAT total £30.00

Even though the garden waste is composted and the cardboard is recycled, the scheme is run at a cost to the Council which has to be passed on to trade depositors. The charges are the minimum that can be applied.


If you would like to participate in the scheme please complete our online registration form.

Alternatively, print off, complete and return a registration form to us in the post, enclosing a cheque for payment.

For loose vehicle loads, the number of tickets required per load will be determined by the staff at the recycling centre (minimum one ticket per deposit).

Please note that tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Any additional tickets must be applied for using the forms above.

More information

Prior to joining this scheme, you will be required to obtain a waste carriers licence. Information required on tickets must be filled in for each load (before each deposit) and handed to the recycling centre operator

The scheme only applies to vehicles with a maximum carrying capacity of 2 tonnes or below. Please ensure you are aware of all our vehicle restrictions.

There are specific restrictions on the type of garden waste acceptable as part of this scheme. Compostable garden waste comprises leafy material such as grass clippings and hedge trimmings, and branches no larger than 10″/25cm thick. No other types of garden waste will be accepted under this scheme, including soil.

If you are a producer of electrical waste or a retailer of electrical equipment, you must check your obligations under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

If you would like to discuss the scheme in any more detail, please call 0345 155 1010.