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Business Survival Rate

Births, deaths and survival rates are published annually as part of the business demography dataset by ONS. It captures all new businesses registered for VAT or PAYE, and all those who cease to trade and are de-registered from the same lists. The data is accurate down to small geographies though duplicate registrations of the same business to a postcode can overestimate some numbers.

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Line graph shows the trends over time. Use the geography filters to compare different areas and survival variables to see different trends. Right click the graph to show underlying data.

About the data

Survival rates for Devon businesses are higher than the national and regional averages across all periods from 1 to 5 years. 3 years after creation 64% of businesses in Devon will still be in operation compared to 60.8% nationally. While this may demonstrate an entrepreneurial flair in the County, which is reinforced by the high proportion of self-employment, high survival rates can also reflect low churn rate (businesses opening and closing) demonstrated by stagnant markets and inefficient businesses.

This situation of low churn is reinforced by the gap between the births and deaths rate in Devon though this does mean the volume of businesses in the economy is growing, benefitting employment, earnings and output.