Data and intelligence

As an organisation we want to be making good decisions based on sound evidence. In data terms, this means an organisation that can answer crucial questions about itself quickly and accurately, even during times of upheaval. Data is a rich raw material that also has benefits in the wider community. It creates new opportunities for business growth and changes how we innovate, as well as having a significant social impact with huge benefits to people in Devon.

Our long term aspirations

Good data is at the heart of good decision making

Did you know?

Good data is at the heart of good decision making

Leveraging the power of good data

Smart and wearable technology for health and wellbeing

Data is at the heart of smart technologies which are creating exciting opportunities to offer real time support and guidance to people in the most remote parts of Devon. Smart watches, home assistants and assisted digital products are helping to reduce isolation, loneliness and are improving health and wellbeing through;

  • remote monitoring
  • healthy lifestyle mobile applications and connected smart devices
  • maintaining contact with instant messaging and video calling.

Keeping people’s information safe

To benefit fully from the economic and social gains of data, people need to have confidence that their personal data is safe and used responsibly. Our information governance, technical and services teams work closely to ensure people’s data is safe through:

  • data policy
  • staff training
  • regular review
  • removal of personal information when shared openly.

Open data and collaboration

Sharing and consuming data creates opportunities to innovate, generate maximum economic value, work closely with partners and help create new digital products and services that enhance the lives of people in Devon. It is our goal to ensure our data is;

  • shareable by default
  • discoverable
  • usable and well structured
  • well documented
  • manageable and sustainable.

Data and intelligence for good decision making

Good decision making relies on good information. By ensuring our data is accessible, offers the most accurate information and is in a usable structure we create opportunities for better;

  • demand monitoring
  • data modelling and traffic monitoring
  • analysis of social trends
  • live updates
  • automation of services
  • connection with partner organisations.

Looking to the future

Where we see the opportunities are for improvement in the way we learn and how our knowledge can be shared.
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