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About DSAB

Independent chair

Siân Walker is the Independent Chair for the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB).

Siân’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing support and effective leadership to the board, overseeing all tasks including the board’s strategic plan and annual report.
  • Promoting a collaborative learning culture between board members that makes sure that learning is taken from Safeguarding Adult Reviews and other areas of work.
  • Making sure that the voices of people who need care and support and their families, are heard and acted upon within the board’s work and that the principles of ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ are embedded in the work of the board.

Siân has over 42 years experience working in social care. As a social worker, Siân began her career in inner London, initially working with children and families before moving to work in training and management development, and progressing into adult social care services. Siân has held senior strategic roles in social care and housing associations and currently works as an independent consultant. Siân also chairs one other Safeguarding Adults Board in London as well as a role as Commissioner for the States of Jersey Care Commission. She works nationally and regionally in safeguarding, currently chairing the South West Safeguarding Chairs’ Network.

Siân is driven by a passion to make sure that all services for vulnerable people are person-centred, easy to access and importantly promote independence, while keeping people safe. She is committed to making sure that partnerships across organisations are effective. Siân is particularly keen to make sure that the ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ agenda is rooted throughout and across all organisations so that front line staff are supported to have the confidence in delivering this.

If you are concerned that an adult is at risk please call

0345 155 1007

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999