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About DSAB

DSAB actions


Each year DSAB sets out key priorities that it will focus on in the next year to make sure that adults at risk of harm and/or are vulnerable are safeguarded to reduce the risk of harm. These priorities are constructed collectively by the board members.

For 2017/18, these priorities were:

    1. Ensuring that people in Devon feel safe
    2. Protecting people from harm by proactively identifying people at risk, whilst
      promoting independence
    3. Increase legal literacy of practitioners in respect of the MCA

To view the goals and actions that were set under these priorities, please click here. 

Annual report

The DSAB annual report is written by our Independent Chair. It sets out the achievements of the board during the year, measuring these against the priorities which were agreed at the start of the year. The report is key to holding the DSAB to account for the work it carries out. To view our current, and previous, annual reports please use the links below:


If you are concerned that an adult is at risk please call

0345 155 1007

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999