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About DSAB

The Devon Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB) was founded in 2014 by Devon County Council as a requirement of the Care Act 2014. It provides strategic leadership for adult safeguarding across Devon.

Although established by Devon County Council, the DSAB is completely independent, with an independent chair.

The Devon Safeguarding Adults Partnership (DSAP) is the collective name for the member agencies that work under the board to safeguard adults across Devon.

The DSAB acts as the key mechanism for agreeing how these agencies work together to safeguard and promote the safety and wellbeing of adults at risk and/or in vulnerable situations. It does this by co-ordinating what each of the DSAP members does and makes sure that they do it effectively.

Alongside the multi-agency partnership, the DSAB aims to promote awareness and understanding of abuse and neglect among service users, carers, professionals, care providers and the wider community. It works to generate community interest and engagement in safeguarding to make sure that ‘safeguarding is everyone’s business’.

The DSAB also commissions Safeguarding Adult Reviews for cases with poor outcomes, to make sure that lessons are learned for the future.

DSAB Constitution.

How to contact us

Tel: 01392 383000 and ask for Devon Safeguarding Adults Board.

If you are concerned that an adult is at risk please call

0345 155 1007

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999