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Why get involved?

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan will set out strategic policies and proposals for building and land use in the Exeter area up to 2040. The plan could affect where you live, work, shop, enjoy leisure and get around. You should take every opportunity to influence what it says and the earlier you get involved the better.

Where is the Greater Exeter area?

Greater Exeter is the area covered by East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge District councils (excluding Dartmoor National Park).


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What is the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan trying to achieve?

By working together across local authority boundaries we are seeking to develop a plan which responds to how people live in the area. The purpose of preparing the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan is to:

  • Have a joined-up vision and aspirations for the area
  • Meet the area’s housing needs in the right locations
  • Secure economic growth and increased prosperity
  • Provide transport and infrastructure improvements needed to support sustainable growth
  • Conserve and enhance the area’s environment

What is the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan for?

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan will be a new formal statutory document, providing the overall spatial strategy and level of housing and employment land to be provided in the period to 2040. When adopted, it will sit above Local Plans for each area which will continue to be prepared to consider local level issues. Neighbourhood Plans will also be promoted so communities can continue to be empowered to make the detailed planning decisions for the benefit of their area.