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People need to be able to connect to one another in order to form supportive and inclusive communities. Good digital and transport connections are also essential to enable the economy to grow and to open up opportunities for all. Devon’s links with the rest of the UK need to be improved, as do transport and digital networks across Devon’s large rural area.

 Can you?  We will:  By working together:
Look out for neighbours and participate in community activity? Support inclusive communities and promote links between young & older people Communities will be more cohesive and inclusive
Car share or offer someone a lift? Maintain essential roads and support a range of travel options People will be able to get about the county to meet their basic needs
Go online, get good digital skills and use on line public services? Bring high speed connection to every household and business & offer open access in libraries Businesses will be able to grow and people will benefit from digital opportunities
Explore and enjoy Devon’s environment? Work together to develop and maintain cycle paths and public rights of way Connection to and respect for Devon’s environment and heritage will be improved