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Our aims

Devon County Council is changing. Government funding for many familiar local services has been severely reduced. But communities are being supported to run local services the way they want; more people are choosing how their care is provided; new partnerships are achieving better results at reduced cost; and carefully targeted services are helping to prevent problems and extra expense occurring. We aim to be:

Better Together


  • Designing and producing services with people that use them
  • Working through partnership
  • Being open and transparent
  • Supporting and developing our people to achieve the best


  • Commissioning effective and efficient services
  • Using new approaches to prevent problems arising
  • Obtaining the best value from our buildings and other assets
  • Ensuring our staff have the right skills and perform highly


  • Moving away from traditional ways of delivering services to achieve better results at lower cost
  • Harnessing new technology to benefit customers
  • Working flexibly
  • Recognising and building on what works