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Everyone needs security, confidence and respect to live their life to the full. The overwhelming majority of Devon’s families and communities are places in which people can flourish, whatever their circumstances. But where there are risks, carefully targeted support can address the root causes of problems and offer protection from harm.

Can You? We will: By working together:
Help others to feel secure and confident to develop and participate? Promote supportive communities and opportunities for vulnerable people More people will be empowered to live well and participate
Watch for signs that a child or adult may be at risk of harm and report it? Provide prompt and effective protection from harm where necessary Vulnerable people will be better protected from abuse and harm
Support vulnerable young people and consider adopting or fostering? Ensure young people have the best care and that care leavers have good qualifications and good chances Children in care will have a secure and stable home and go on to lead happy lives
Help others to improve their own safety and security? Support communities to prevent crime Fewer people will be victims of crime, including domestic violence
Take care to avoid accidents? Maintain key roads to a safe standard and promote cycle ways and footpaths Accidents, injuries and deaths will be kept as low as possible